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Lebanese comedian defies social taboos

STORY: This Lebanese stand-up comedian defies taboosin her shows as well as in lifeShaden Fakih cover topics such as politics, religion, and homosexuality (SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) LEBANESE STAND-UP COMEDIAN, SHADEN FAKIH, SAYING:”There is a complete consensus on lying in the society. People sit together and act. I love acting, but on stage. In stand-up comedy, I am myself, still performing for sure. This is also reflected in my work. I am living my absolute truth with my convictions, be it my view on religion, my view on life, my view of society, my experience as a lesbian woman. I don’t want to hide myself.”Fakih says the audience is sometimes shocked by her materialwhile others find it smart and funny(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) AUDIENCE MEMBER, AHMAD ZAYDAN, SAYING:”She is raising awareness of issues we have in the Arab society but in a humorous way. She doesn’t start attacking people and saying, ‘You are wrong,’ no, she is making you laugh about it so you subconsciously realize that you are doing something wrong.”

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